Southern California’s Glamis North Hot Springs

A picture at Glamis North Hot Springs Pool Complex

Ever been to a mineral rich hot springs that didn’t have a strong sulfur smell? Ever swim in pools with no chlorine odor? If not, you haven’t been to Glamis North Hot Springs! Literally – no unwanted aroma in our desert hot springs resort. With 16 different places to get soaking wet, your relaxation is calling! The mineral hot spring gush healing waters at 160 degrees. It’s cooled until it’s just right, then fed into our two therapeutic pools and our 14 hot tubs.

Our designed flow-through system means there are no chemicals in our therapeutic pools or tubs. There’s no chlorine smell, there’s no sulfur smell to deal with. There’s only warm, refreshing, hot spring water that makes you feel good – and helps you relax after a great day of riding.

We also have two larger pools that offer great fun to the entire family. These chemically balanced pools are the place to hang out with friends before heading back to the campfire.

How to enjoy the hot springs:

  1. Stay with us in an RV site or Cabin
  2. Rent a RZR at Glamis North
  3. Come for the day and purchase a day pass

Finding Us

  • We’re near Palm Springs – about an hour and a half south/south east.
  • We’re near San Diego – about 2.5 hours east
  • We’re near Los Angeles – about 3 hours east
  • And, we’re even near Phoenix – only about 4 hours west

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Hot Springs

A picture of the water tank storing hot mineral water right from the ground
A picture of one of our pools at Glamis North Hot Springs Resort
A picture of family fun at the pools at Glamis North Hot Springs Resort
Beautiful Blue Skies over the Pools at Glamis North Hot Springs Resort


Hot springs powered saunas? That’s what you get at Glamis North! Quite possibly the only hot springs powered saunas west (or east) of the Mississippi!