Welcome to Glamis North Hot Springs Resort

Southern California’s Relaxation Destination

Why Choose Glamis North?

Only 60 seconds and you will know…

In today’s world, the abundance of choices can be overwhelming. Every corner presents a new demand for your attention, leaving scarce moments for true relaxation. But here at our resort, an oasis of tranquility awaits you!

Relaxation Meets Adventure

“We are constantly delighted by how relaxing it is here,” is a phrase we hear regularly. For those who enjoy off-roading, the Glamis Dunes might be a familiar playground. Exciting? Absolutely. But relaxing? Well, if your idea of relaxation includes dodging beneath soaring UTVs, then perhaps it is.

Unique Features of Our Natural Hot Springs

For enthusiasts of hot springs, you may have visited locations like Desert Hot Springs or Palm Springs. Entertaining? Undoubtedly. Peaceful? We concede, they have their charm. However, allow us to highlight what sets us apart…

Chemical-Free Experience

Bid farewell to chlorine! Our unique flow-through system ensures continuous circulation of hot water, swiftly revitalizing our pools for a pure, natural soak.

Odor-Free Indulgence

While many natural hot springs are accompanied by the distinct scent of sulfur, we break the norm. Our waters are remarkably free of any sulfurous aroma, offering a refreshingly scent-free experience.

Accommodations for Every Traveler

RV Park with Big Rig Friendly RV Sites

Our competitors “large” RV sites are almost always smaller than any of our Big Rig Friendly RV sites. 45 footers will have no problem navigating and parking. You want space to stretch out and feel like you’re camping and not cramping? This is the place!

Not only are our RV sites huge, but they are the only full-service 50-amp sites providing legal access to off-road desert trails!

Smaller rigs are always welcome and campers LOVE the ample room these big rig friendly, small rig friendly, everything-in-between friendly RV sites provide.

Cottages and Cabins

Our family fun themed cottages and camping cabins are mere seconds away!

Day Passes: Your Gateway to Relaxation

Fancy a day of relaxation? Our day passes are the perfect solution. But a word of caution – once you experience the serene allure of our hot springs, you might find yourself longing for a longer stay!

So why not add us to your bucket list – and relax! Your body will thank you!