Big Rig Friendly RV Sites

Our competitors “large” sites are almost always smaller than any of our Big Rig Friendly X-Sites. 45 footers will have no problem navigating and parking.

You want space to stretch out and feel like you’re camping and not cramping? This is the place!

Not only are our sites huge, but they are the only full-service 50 amp sites providing legal access to off-road desert trails!

Smaller rigs are always welcome and campers LOVE the ample room these big rig friendly / small rig friendly / everything in-between friendly sites provide.

Site rentals include use of hot springs, pools and saunas at no additional charge.

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XXXL Sites

Snob Hill XXXL Sites

Snob Hill – Apx. 120′ x 55′ huge!
You don’t have to be a snob to camp in these massive spaces, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be one by the time you leave! These are the best sites take glamping to the next level with spectacular views of the Chocolate Mountains and the Salton Sea sunsets. These sites set the standard for Big Rig Friendly – no doubt!

Snob Hill XXXL Sites

XXL Sites

Near Pool East Sites – 130′ x 30′
Other Near Pool Sites – 100′ x 30′
Hang out close to the pool in this XXL pull-thru sites that are better than backing in, and are great for any size rig. 

XL Sites

Back-in Sites (142-161) – 80′ x 50′
Back-in Cabin Sites – 60′ x 50′
If you don’t mind backing in, these spacious sites offer ample room for your small to big rigs and all your off road toys.

Back-in Sites

Buddy Sites – Apx. 55′ x 50′
Buddy sites are two-sites-in-one, and one rental gets both A & B sides – no extra charge. These sites are actually 110′ x 50, and have full-service for two RVs. Perfect for camping with friends, pointing nose-to-tail (see the picture below) and come with plenty of shared space. Even two big rigs will have room to spare!

Buddy Site 1
Buddy Site Two
Buddy Site 3

L Sites – Apx. 40′ x 25′
None, really – all our sites are XL and better.